Welcome back Year 5 Exhibition!
Welcome back Year 5 Exhibition!

The Exhibition is back, rich in ideas, research and action, thus fostering our students' sense of personal responsibility and their problem-solving skills.

The inquiry process started a few months ago. First, the students developed the Central Idea and the Lines of Inquiry, inquired into the Related Concepts and identified the approach by which a given topic was to be investigated. Research was made along the lines of the Key Concepts connected to the central idea and interpretative grids.

The specialist teachers and the mentors helped the students to present their topics effectively. Individual and team-work skills were put to the test: research, cooperation, responsibility, conflict resolution, in-depth analysis, communication and time management.

The Exhibition is a unique culminating activity which gives our students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to real world problems, a first step towards becoming autonomous learners and self-initiators. The Year 5 students proved to be risk- takers, self-starters and were successful at applying their linguistic, mathematical and technological knowledge (charts and diagrams were extensively used by the students to support research) in meaningful ways.

An impressive job indeed fifthgraders!

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