Physical, social and personal education

PSPE at BES is concerned with the individuals well-being through the promotion of concepts, knowledge, attitudes and skills that contribute to well-being.

From Y1 to Y4, in the Primary PSPE Program, each class participates in 1 hour per week of Physical Education. In these lessons students will learn about movement through movement.

Physical Education classes for students in the Middle School at BES take place off site at the Quanta Village Sports Centre.

Over the course of the year students participate in six week courses of swimming, beach volleyball, soccer and inline skating.

Sports Day

Sports Day is an annual community event which takes place at a local sports center. All teachers and students participate and the creative organization of the event along the lines of a mini-Olympics always makes it a special day for the children and their families.

BES students participate in fun and challenging games including: tug-of-war, penalty kick, skipping, sack races, relay races, and the 100m sprint.

A special Fair Play Award is granted to the BES athletes who best show the true spirit of the Olympic philosophy reminding us all how important it is to participate with an honest, fun, and fair attitude!