Parent Involvement

PThrough support of children’s activities and participation in the life of the school, parents help to strengthen the community.

Parents may contribute by reading to children, sharing their expertise with classes, helping in the library or with book sales, and volunteering at school events like the Summer Fete.

Class Representatives

Class representatives play an important role in our school community by building strong working relationships among parents, teachers, and the school in support of student learning. Each BES class has two elected representatives who commit their time and energy to maintaining close communication with the classroom teachers and encourage parents to attend and support school functions and activities. Class representatives bring important issues to the attention of the classroom teachers and proactively help to find constructive and creative solutions.

School Council

The School Council plays an important role at BES. It provides a forum through which parents, teachers, and school administrators can dialogue together about important issues with a view to improving the school and its program. The partnership between school and community representatives on the School Council helps to build mutual understanding and interaction between the school and the parent body, resulting in benefits for both. By sharing information with parents and community representatives, getting feedback from them, and presenting their views to the school community, the School Council involves the community in the discussion of educational issues and helps the school identify and respond to the educational needs of the community.