Action at BES


Child sponsorship is a wonderful way to bring hope and change to a child living in poverty. The school community at BES is well aware that in order to change Africa, we need to help change their children by providing them with opportunities such as education, knowledge and confidence. By giving a sponsored child this unique opportunity it is our hope that together with others they, in time, may change Africa. Pursuing the objective to provide basic instruction to all children, BES developed a partnership with the association Make a Difference to initiate an exciting and positive exchange between Italian students and their African peers. The sponsorship program was born in 2003 and since then, the Italian families involved in the project, by donating 300€ per sponsored student each year, are now supporting 85 Primary School students, 16 High School students and 12 orphans; the sponsorship program is also currently supporting two students at the local university.

St. Francis Choir, 2009 tour

The African visit in May 2009 will mark this year as a year to be remembered.


After the terrible earthquake in 2010, Bes organized among students and families a fund raising activity to support the Haitian population. Our school held a "dress down day". Students came to school wearing "street clothes" and donated a minimun of 1 €. All proceeds were given to the non-profit organization Fondazione Francesca Rava

Summer Fete

The Summer Fete is a day to celebrate the end of year together with families and close relatives. It is a community event filled with music, games, art workshops, fun activities and delicious food. Students are encouraged to organize music and drama shows and exhibit school projects. The proceeds from this event are donated in equal parts to a school project, to our sister school in Kenya and to a non profit organization focused on children.