The Bilingual European School is a digital school.

1:1 iPad PROGRAM

At BES, we're always looking for ways to enhance children's learning and prepare them with the skills they need to face a future where technology is ever more prevalent in their lives. Starting in September 2016, students added the iPad to their learning toolbox in order to ensure they would be participating in their inquiries using 21st-century skills and approaches, while maintaining the balance that has always made BES a great school.

1:1 iPad PROGRAM

BES promotes open-minded, innovative learning that stimulates exploration, discovery, collaboration, and communication.

The iPad program integrates and supports traditional ways of learning, while extending possibilities for differentiation and personalized learning. Through thoughtfully-curated applications, the students are introduced to a wider range of possibilities to explore and show their learning as outlined in the IB Learner Profile.

One of the challenges we have as parents and educators is managing the fine line between keeping our children educated, informed, and participating in the expanding digital world and maintaining a balanced, active lifestyle away from the screen. Here at BES, we are giving careful attention to managing this balance, and ensuring that our students are engaged and learning using a wide range of tools in multiple environments.

LEGO Education Innovation Studio LEIS

The LEGO®️ LEIS program reflects the founding principles of constructivism: “I learn by doing.” This is also an integral part of all learning at BES. BES is the first school in Milan to introduce the LEGO Education Innovation Studio. In the seventies, LEGO created an education division to define a didactic approach for students of the 21st century. The company, famous for their coloured bricks, collaborates with the robotics department of MIT in Boston and with the Faculty of Pedagogy at the University of Cambridge.


LEGO®️ LEIS aims to connect robotics, maths, sciences, technology, language, geography, and more through hands-on learning experiences. To develop the logical and linguistic skills of our students, at BES we introduce Lego lessons from an early age (BAPS) and continue up until Y8 (BES). Obviously, we start with simple creations using the famous coloured bricks, and build toward ever more complicated constructions that integrate mechanics and coding, according to the developmental stages of the child.

From Primary to Middle School, our students can approach the numerous subjects introduced in their Units of Inquiry in a more tactile way. The LEGO®️ Education project stimulates the students' critical-thinking skills, their creativity, and their ability to collaborate, promoting open-mindeness and problem solving. Our LEIS makes use of a range of different kits, such as “More to Math”, “Story Starter”, and the robotics and coding-centred “WeDo” and “Mindstorms”.