Digital Learning

Building a transnational digital school plan. The Bilingual European School experience

We are proud to share the article "Building a transnational digital school plan. The Bilingual European School experience", written by our teachers and published in the international education magazine, Bricks.

The challenge that the pandemic has posed to schools in the country and the world in recent months is unprecedented in the history of education and has involved the radical redefinition of concepts that underlie the experience of "schooling" such as the very idea of "learning", "programming", co-constructing meanings and "interacting".

It is our priority to return the experience of building the Bilingual European School's digital school model through the direct testimony of those who contributed to build it, renegotiate it and make it solid: the teachers themselves.

The school is an experience in which the word "together" has a fundamental value: the school exists because you learn "together", you grow "together" and you dream "together". The following voices aim to give back a polyphonic image of the school, a reality where "doing together" is at the basis of every transformation and, in the long run, of every realistic perspective of reopening.

Thank you to all the teachers who contributed to the article: Mauro Spicci, Silvia Bettini, Stefania Di Resta, Cinzia Corti, Francesca Malara, Giacomo Magistrelli e Valeria Pepè,