Welcome to BES

Nurturing the potential of a child’s formative years in a stimulating environment full of inspiration, challenge, and achievement, the Bilingual European School provides a stimulating dual language education within the context of a forward-looking instructional approach.

With a talented and dedicated faculty of inspiring teachers, the school encourages children to develop their full potential in both English and Italian, to achieve personal excellence and to become informed global citizens committed to life-long learning.

Who we are

Founded in 1999 as a natural continuation of the The British American Pre-School, BES is an institution with solid foundations that keeps a constant eye toward staying abreast of current research in education and is committed to seeking excellence in teaching and learning.

Why is our school special?

  • we encourage our students to develop their natural talents both in English and Italian integrating the Italian Ministerial program with the PYP (Primary Years Program) of the IBO
  • we stimulate our pupils to reach a personal and didactic excellence required for the 21st century
  • we develop and nurture an international mindset allowing our students to become global citizens
  • we assure that our children become life-long learners
  • our teachers are inspiring qualified professionals.


BES on RAI 3