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The learning landscapes

The storytelling of the The British American Pre-School and the Bilingual European School “Travellers of the World” offers an interior and exterior learning landscape where the students are free to trace their own journey through the school every day.

By creating imaginative and suggestive learning landscapes, the students will be empowered and motivated to choose where to do their schoolwork, where to play and what to explore, according to the curricular objectives. The option to create their own journey, propose a varied travel around the world, guided by the great travellers of the universal literature. Jules Verne, Hergé, Italo Calvino... they all took us around the world, through their own explorations and discoveries. Standing on the shoulders of the world´s most famous explorers, we are moved to experiment, to wonder, to inquire, and to think critically. The learning landscape of the “Travellers of the World” will therefore boost the students autonomy, independence and responsibility.




The MIUR requirements are:

To have an educational project in line with the national constitution.

To have a didactic programme that conforms with the national requirements and standards in force.

To have democratically elected school committees. 

To allow the enrolment of any student.

To have a full cycle of studies with qualified teachers.


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