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Proud to be a member of Globeducate!

Globeducate is one of the world's leading K12 education groups with 55+ premium bilingual and international schools, and online programmes, in ten countries, education 31,000 students.

 A Globeducate school creates opportunities to connect with students from our schools around the world and meet, in person or online, at sporting events, music, arts, academic competitions and work together to help build a more equitable, just and sustainable world. Globeducate teachers inspire our students to find their voice in the world, an essential aspect of providing an excellent education. They encourage them to understand events of global significance, to reflect on their own values, what is important to them, and to fight ignorance and intolerance.


“We prepare each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world”

Globeducate´s mission, perfectly aligned with that of BES and BAPS, is to prepare each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world.

Key Principles

The world is changing at an incredible pace, and education must keep pace with this ever-changing environment. Our students will only achieve success in tomorrow's world if they are well prepared to meet the challenges of their future professional and personal lives. In addition to providing an excellent academic education, we ensure that our students develop skills and abilities beyond the purely academic sphere and build a solid foundation for their lives based on values. Globeducate's vision on education is based on four core principles: Academic Excellence, Skills and Competencies, Character, and Global Perspectives.

Building the world of tomorrow

As Globeducate educators, we have the opportunity and responsibility to lay the groundwork for a better future, starting with an effective response to the pace of global change and the approach we take in sustainability education. Globeducate has developed a Global Agenda to bring our vision to life directly in the classroom. Through partnerships with WWF and Eco Schools, our mission to pursue the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can become a reality.

The first group of international schools to partner with WWF.

WWF supports Globeducate by bringing in speakers and experts and creating unique opportunities to hold these events. In addition, Globeducate works closely with WWF to train teachers in sustainability education.

Globeducate and Eco Schools

All Globeducate schools are committed to being Eco-Schools, as well as to achieving and maintaining Green Flag status. Throughout our network, students and teachers collaborate with their Eco-School committees to come up with more inspiring ideas and celebrate globally recognized green-related events such as Earth Hour, Earth Week and Earth Day.

International events

Globeducate schools offer unique opportunities to truly be global citizens. Globeducate schools, located around the world, come together to participate in a series of annual international events. Throughout the school year, Globeducate periodically organizes events and invites students and teachers from every school in our group to participate in attendance or remotely.